Looking for something different for your landscape area?  Would you like someone to help you decide what type of plants, trees, flowers or materials to use?

You could hire a landscape designer to find the desired effect you are looking for. Or you could send us your photo and we can landscape it without the expensive landscaping fees landscapers will charge!

How much do Landscaping Designers Charge?

Landscape designers are good at what they do but the cost of their services are pricey, up to $150.00 per hr.  The national average cost for a completed landscape design is over $4,000 USD.  Homeadvisor.com is a good website to see what landscapers will charge in your area.  Enter your zip code is all you have to do.

How much do we charge for this service?  Right now nothing.  But not for long!

What we do

We take your photo(s) and replace your old plants or bare area and replace it with plants of your choice or we can recommend them to you.

Before and After Landscaping PhotosGive us a list of plants and or materials you would like to use.

Before and After Landscaping PhotosWe will add your requested plants and items to your photo.

Before and After Landscaping PhotosWe will send you the updated photo via email attachment.

Before and After Landscaping PhotosPrint and Show this new landscape photo to your landscaper or do it yourself.

Submit Your Photos Here. 

Before After Landscape Photos

Below is a good example of what our before and after landscaping photos can do.  An older stucco type home.  They were looking for plants and trees that would do well in a southwest exposure.  Pink roses in-between the large window and dwarf red crape myrtles below the double wide windows.  The pink blooming tree to the left is a Muskogee lavender blooming tree.

Place your mouse in the middle of the picture and drag mouse left or right to see before and after landscape.

You can also tap the picture with your phone to move between the two photos.

We added a Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle in the center-left.  Red salvia against the wall and 4 yellow mounding lantana are in the foreground.  What a difference!

The Crepe Myrtle provides great color and is a moderate water tree once it becomes established.  The gold lantana’s and red salvia are drought tolerant after they have been in the ground at least 3 years.

  • Before-Typical NM Home
    After-Typical NM Home
    Before Typical NM Home After


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